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As developer relations matures, the questions we need to answer become more nuanced. And the answers must draw on ever deeper experience.

DevRelCon Deep Dives is an online event for DevRel leaders that features speakers with deep expertise in their field. Each talk, workshop, and activity will drive forward developer relations practice by giving us the evidence, frameworks, and thinking we can apply to our own work.

Day 1 will feature workshops and in depth round table discussions on topics essential to DevRel practice. Day 2 will focus on talks from keynote calibre speakers.

Everyone participating in DevRelCon agrees to abide by our code of conduct.


The amazing participants at DevRelCon Deep Dives 2022.

Roundtables and workshop


05:1009:1013:1017:40 Welcome to DevRelCon Deep Dives Day 2!
05:2008:2013:2017:50 Visualizing DevRel scope and goals Cherish Santoshi
06:0009:0014:0018:30 Hedy: Creating a gradual programming language Felienne Hermans
06:5009:5014:5019:20 Building your community: a person-centered approach Bekah Hawrot Weigel
07:4010:4015:4020:10 What neurodiversity means for DevRel Wesley Faulkner
08:2511:2516:2520:55 Break
09:2512:2517:2521:55 Can pedagogy research help DevRel professionals train and support others in programming? Jane Waite
10:2013:2018:2022:50 Harm reduction for DevRel teams Knut Melvaer
11:1014:1019:1023:40 Break
11:2514:2519:2523:55 What investors want from your DevRel program Ashley Smith
12:2015:2020:2000:50 What the CEO wants from your DevRel program Shanea Leven
13:2516:2521:2501:55 Goodbye!

06:0009:0014:0019:30 Welcome to DevRelCon Deep Dives Day 1!
06:1009:1014:1019:40 Round table: Developer marketing in practice
06:5509:5514:5520:25 Break
07:0510:0515:0520:35 Round table: Can developer experience and product led growth co-exist?
07:5510:5515:5521:25 Break
08:0511:0516:0521:35 Round table: Are the days of self-serve onboarding over?
08:5511:5516:5522:25 Break
09:1012:1017:1022:40 Round table: Running effective champions programs
09:5512:5517:5523:25 Break
10:0513:0518:0523:35 Round table: Aligning DevRel with your business stakeholders
10:5513:5518:5500:25 Break
11:0514:0519:0500:35 Using the Orbit model to demonstrate community value (part 1)
11:5514:5519:5501:25 Break
12:0515:0520:0501:35 Using the Orbit model to demonstrate community value (part 2)
12:5015:5020:5002:20 Break
13:0016:0021:0002:30 Round table: Managing DevRel teams
13:5016:5021:5003:20 Wrap up and goodbye


Reach the unique DevRelCon audience by sponsoring DevRelCon Deep Dives 2022.

Previous sponsors include GitHub, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Orbit, and many others.

DevRelCon is a global series of events created by Hoopy to provide a forum for developer relations and developer experience professionals share with other practitioners.

Beginning in London in 2015, there have been further editions in San Francisco, Tokyo, China. and now online.

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