Visualizing DevRel scope and goals

Cherish Santoshi

Developer Relations Engineer


Visualizing DevRel scope and goals

DevRels work closely with multiple stakeholders with a variety of goals. This can create confusion in the team’s vision, hiring plans, and long term goals.

An efficient way to set scope and goals for your DevRel teams is to showcase the overlaps and the specific contributions to the company. In this talk, Cherish will visualize the various avenues where DevRel leaders can chalk out their scope and identify goals for their teams.

About Cherish

Cherish Santoshi is an award-winning developer relations manager and an active thought leader in the DevRel ecosystem. He has contributed heavily to the technical community space for the last 9 years and managed various programs for brands like Google, Amazon, and HackerEarth. In his career, Cherish has managed programs for a community of 5 million developers across the globe.