Can developer experience and product led growth co-exist?

Mário Araújo

Head of Growth

Can developer experience and product led growth co-exist?

About Mário

Mário is currently Head of Growth at Before that he led Product-led Growth at OutSystems where he worked since the company was an early-stage startup. Mário has worked in Services, Engineering, Marketing, and Product. In the last years, he focused on Product-led Growth, taking care of acquisition, retention and monetization.

At the beginning of 2022, Mário was ready to take a sabbatical after a long tenure at OutSystems. What saved him from that was meeting the team at He decided to give the product a try and after the first fifteen minutes of using it and reading Twitter reviews, he could not resist, so he put the sabbatical on sabbatical. 

He started at OutSystems as a software consultant back in 2005 and has since worked in Services, Training, Sales, Engineering, Marketing, Product Management, and all the way back to Marketing again. Some say he’s akin to Mr Wolf – the ultra-efficient problem-solver from Pulp Fiction – given his aptitude to fix problems. Rumor has it that at one point the CEO didn’t even know who he worked for, even after explicitly appointing him to a certain position. Mário Araújo started to lead Product Growth at OutSystems. For once, the CEO was quite sure of that.