How to collaborate with Sales without selling your soul

Tilde Thurium

Senior Manager, Enterprise Evangelism


How to collaborate with Sales without selling your soul

In the world of Developer Relations, fear of Sales abounds. If you hop on a customer call, will you somehow end up with a quota? Will you be pressured to communicate inauthentically? Will you make a deal with the devil for your soul?

Until we actually dismantle capitalism, Sales is necessary, but not evil! Collaboration between dev rel and Sales offers real, tangible benefits. Dare I say, it can even be fun.

In this talk, you’ll hear about the struggles Sales professionals face. You’ll learn how you can work together for mutual benefit. You’ll hear real-life stories of best practices and mistakes made building the Twilio Customer Hackathon program.

About Tilde

Tilde Thurium is an engineer and artist who doesn’t subscribe to binaries of any kind. Ask them about vegan cheesemaking, powerlifting, or creating inclusive experiences. Currently they manage the Enterprise Evangelism team at Twilio. They were a 🍕 full-snack engineer 🧁 for 5 years before diving into dev rel.